composer, producer & music educator

andrea pejrolo Ph.D.

- Computers and software: Mac Pro 32GB, running ProTools 12, Digital Performer 9, Cubase 7, Logic Pro X, Reason, Sibelius 7, Peak, MAX and much more.

- Software Synthesizers: Vienna Orchestra Library, Quantum Leap Hollywood Orchestra Platinum, NI Komplete, Kompakt, Intakt, SampleTank, Alchemy, Absyth, Battery, Mach5, MX4, Philarmonik, Korg Legacy Collection

- Sound modules: XV-3080, Wavestation SR

- Mixing board and ADC/DAC: Tascam DM-24 digital mixing boards, Apogee Ensemble, MOTU 828, MOTU UltraLight, Digidesign M-Box1 and 2, MOTU MIDI Time Piece AV.

- The studio is equipped to mix in both stereo and 5.1 surround

Equipment List

My Studio

My project studio is located in Arlington, MA only a few minutes by car from Boston.

The studio is equipped with state of the art digital mixing-board, computers and the latest software applications.

I work with both Mac and PC networked together for a full digital experience. The studio is ready and compatible with all the professional sequencers and audio editors including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Cubase, and Sonar.

A complete series of acoustic instruments is available including drum-set, percussion, guitars (acoustic and electric) and basses (upright, stick and electric).