composer, producer & music educator

andrea pejrolo Ph.D.

Sound Design &


iAcoustica Studio Drum Library

I look at sound design as a way to manipulate raw sonorities, waveforms, and acoustic material to morph new and inspiring palette of colors.

In my work I incorporate acoustic elements in order to create organic sonorities that can be used in a variety of ensembles and situations.

Acoustic libraries such as my drum library iAcousticA Studio, to me, are the perfect balance between cutting edge music technology and the acoustic roots of music creation.

iAcousticA is a full universal acoustic drum library for the contemporary composer, arranger and producer.

iAcousticA Studio is available for Kontakt2, NN-XT, GigaStudio, Mach5, EXS-24 with more formats to come!

iAcousticA Studio features more than 200 acoustic samples and original patterns produced by composer and programmer Andrea Pejrolo.

Click on the players below to listen to the iAcousticA Studio demos!

Two full acoustic drum kits and cymbals sets have been played using four different sets of sticks (Vic Firth 7A), mallets (Vic Firth), metal brushes (Promark) and wooden brushes (Broom Sticks Promark) for a total of 8 completely original and extremely realistic drum kits. All the samples were recorded at 96kHz and 24 bit resolution using top of the line microphones (Neumann U87, AKG414 etc.), SSL SL6000E/G+ mixing board and Protools HD technology.

The two kits are a vintage PureCussion kit with Zildjian Cymbals (Kit A) and a Yamaha kit with a combination of Paste and Sabian cymbals (Kit B).

Sound Design and MIDI Programming

Sound Design and original demo music pitch for “Call of Duty 2”

- iDrum Rock Edition includes real acoustic drum sounds and fun rock-themed samples including guitar riffs, bass notes, keys and special effects. iDrum’s interface makes it easy to rock out by mixing and matching sounds, even if you’ve never made music before.


- “Grace”-Amsterdam, NL. MIDI Programming/Engineering for Don Sebesky, Cy Coleman - Broadway Show

- iAcousticA Studio

Multi-sample Drum library for Kontakt2, NN-XT, GigaStudio, Mach5, EXS-24

- iAcousticA for iZotope iDrums. The only multi-sample drum library for iDrums!

- Musical“Shuttle Box”. Original Sound Design. Munich, Germany

- Broadway Show "Swing" St. James Theater - NY. MIDI programing/engineering